The most extensive wedding photography workshop in the country! Covering Business, Creative and Digital Workflow processes from two of South Africa’s Top Wedding Photographers!

Course Overview

Day 1: Wedding Inspiration, Styles, Equipment, Wedding Photography A-Z

Inspiration: View the work of top international wedding photographers, 3 distinctive styles of wedding photography you should know, Essential equipment you should have, The photographer’s A-Z for wedding photography (from Marketing to Delivery), Pre-Wedding Day Issues, Wedding Day Issues, Post Wedding Day Issues.

Day 2: How to Shoot the Wedding Day and common Lighting Setups

Tips and tricks pertaining to Posing, the Preparation, shooting the Ceremony, Detail shots, Group shots, the Portrait session, Reception shots… The art of combining natural light with artificial light and Practical Demonstration.

Day 3: Practical Shoot: The Wedding Day

One Day Practical Shoot, covering the wedding day under the guidance of both Trompie and Warren

Day 4: Digital Workflow Part 1

The digital workflow: Importance of working effectively, popular and industry software, Lightroom Preset System, Digital adjustments: Exposure and Colour, Tagging and Photo Selections etc. Timeless and contemporary retouching techniques: Skin softening, dynamic lighting, Black and White, Sepia, Vignette, etc (Photoshop and Lightroom). Making ready for delivery: Advice about printing and exporting images for printing, Cropping, Sharpening, Introduction to Coffee Table Books, Wedding Album Design.

Day 5: Digital Workflow Part 2 and Presentation

Workflow Continued… Constructive evaluation and photo critiques of the students’ photos taken during the practical shoot

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