Toadbury Hall Country Hotel – Barend + Sharne WEDDING

Aug 8, 2018

Barend & Sharne tied the knot at the magnificent Toadbury Hall.Below is a little more about this lovely couple in their own words!

Myself and Barend met through a friend, she was my friend and his neighbor and he was friends with my friend’s brother. Then he asked me out on my 16th birthday, I turned 16 and he was 20. We then broke up. We then met up again when I was 25 and he was 29 and he asked me out again at another friends Birthday we went to. The day of our engagement holds mixed emotions. We went to Blackhorse Brewery for breakfast and then we went to Mount Grace. Barend organised that we eat dinner in their winery and he said he has to go to the bathroom, he struggledto remove the ring from his sock. When he come back he went down on his knee and asked me to marry him. An hour later my brother passed away so it was an awesome night but we didn’t really have the best engagement. We would like to travel oversees and see more of the world. We want to experience different aspects of life like food and festivals and so on. We also want to start a family and since my brother passed away we kind of live in the moment. We want to have a close family and have family above all. We want to grow old and happy together with our family around us. I just want to mention that I give lots o shit and I am the dramatic one, but Barend keeps me grounded and was there for me when the worst thing in my life happened to me and us, he never got to call my brother brother-in-law and I never got to tell him we were engaged. But Barend stood by me and kept me sane and I truly love him with all my heart!

Thank you very much for choosing me to capture your special day! I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness together!



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