Rebellie Game Farm – Clarens – Wesley +Bailey Wedding

Dec 31, 2018

Wesley & Bailey tied the knot at Rebellie, just outside the picturesque Clarens! This was a special wedding for me as I know the family well, having photographed Bailey’s mom’s wedding a few years prior! Nicer people you cannot find and it was a privilege for myself and my wife to spend time with this amazing couple and their friends and family, documenting a very special occasion. It was also my very first new year’s wedding so it really was a special one for me! Below is some more about this fantastic couple in their own words!

Wesley and I went to the same High school, so technically we knew each other then, but we never really socialised, he was too shy to talk to me. A few years later I came across his profile on Instagram and I sent him a message, definitely made the first move. From then, we chatted and met up, just a few days before I was off to Bushmans for my parents wedding, and he went off to Mauritius for work. A few weeks later we reunited and spent every day together, we just connected and the rest was history. 

Time flies when you’re having fun, which is why I can’t remember if it was our second or third anniversary (maybe even fourth haha). But we planned a trip down to the Eastern Cape (Bushmans). He woke me up very early on a miserable cold day to go for a hike, which I’m usually always keen for, but the weather swayed my mood. After a lot of insisting and persuading, we packed a lunch and some drinks and hit the road. The hike was about two hours to Diaz Cross, which we had done the previous year, it’s so beautiful and is one of my favourite things to do when we are in the area. Wesley set up a picnic under the same rock cave we spent the previous year, but this year was much colder and I didn’t want to sit in the shade. So I sat by myself in the sun and kept insisting he move everything to where I was (with no luck). He called me over after a few minutes of sulking, I thought I had won and he was prepared to move, as I was about to boast about it, he played ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ and dropped to his knee. I’ve never been happier! It was so special and so well thought out, and I nearly ruined all his plans by not wanting to go on the hike and not wanting to sit with him, haha. We spent the next 2 hours drinking champagne, eating and sharing all the stories that lead up to this moment. It was the most perfect day, I will cherish it always.

Our wedding day would not have been possible without all the help from our friends and family. It was a very do it yourself wedding, from the food to the décor, and everyone got stuck in and made it beautiful. We went to Clarens 2 days before the wedding and had a stretch tent of nightmares to put up. As stressful as it was, and as much as it didn’t look like a stretch tent at all, the memories made with our friends and family, struggling with it for two days are priceless. Thank you to each and every person who came through to help that day, we are forever grateful.

When planning our wedding, we both didn’t want this big extravagant occasion. That is why we decided on New Years Eve, It’s much easier to plan a party than a wedding. And a party it was! The state of the venue and the people the next day had some stories to tell. We chose our Venue (Rebellie Game Farm) for the view alone, everything else was just an added bonus. In fact, we loved the view so much, we got the co-ordinates of the exact spot we got married tattooed on our wrists, now that’s commitment! We are so thankful and blessed to have such an amazing group of friends and family, to have driven all the way to Clarens to celebrate with us. It truly was the best day of our lives, a day we will celebrate big time every year, and memories we will never forget.

To our parents (The Thompsons and the Greybes) thank you for all your help, love and support. You made our wedding day more than we could have ever imagined. We love you!

It was an honour to capture your amazing wedding day! We wish you guys a lifetime of happiness, may you be blessed every step of the way!



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