Learn how to use Reflectors, Diffusers, Continuous Lights and Speedlights On-Location to set yourself apart from the crowd and give you a critical tool set.

 Course Summary

  • Small groups with a maximum of 10 attendees who each get to work personally with the equipment and directing a location shoot.
  • Day 1: Class presentation covering fundamental aspects of artificial light in all it’s forms with hands-on demonstrations on various aspects of indoor and outdoor lighting. Demystifying the use of equipment and techniques such as on-camera flash, off-camera flash, what kit to buy and how to use it, continuous light such as the Ice Light and Lume Cubes, using reflectors and diffusers correctly, utilizing good ambient light to it’s full potential, creative lighting techniques and much more!
  • Day 2: You get to participate and direct a practical shoot, covering all the most important portrait lighting setups. I emphasize typical problems you may encounter when shooting on location and how to solve them. We start the shoot in the worst light possible, midday sun and I teach you how to get fantastic results using various methods leading on to the golden hour.
  • Exclusive access to the Strobist Group on our social network Photo Critic for ongoing support even after you have finished your course.

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