Kloofzicht – Jorge + Shandel Wedding

Jun 16, 2018

VENUE – Kloofzicht | MAKUEP- Lizz Makeup Artistry | HAIRDRESSER – Zanie | FLOWERS, GIFTS & DECORATION – Anro | DJ – Vincent Duchenne

Jorge and Shandel tied the knot at the amazing Klloofzichrt in the Cradle of Humankind! Below is a little more about this lovely couple and their journey together in their own words.

Our story. . .

At 10 years of age I had been moved to Monument Primary School in my standard two year. I was a very shy girl, always kept to myself and was diligent only focusing on my school work, not too keen on sports but was part of the school choir. I had seen Jorge during classes as he was in the same standard and knew of him but never spoke to him. I remember Jorge being a tall, lean boy with dark features. He was part of the swimming team and excelled receiving his Gauteng colours.

Our standard four tour to Waterval Boven was one we will never forget and always reminisce about. A few days into the tour all the children were gathered one morning outside our dormitories and out of the blue Jorge had asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Quite surprised that he had even taken a liking to me I blushed a few shades of pink and said “okay”. That evening we had been divided into groups as we all had to take part in Stalk the Lantern. I saw the excitement on his face when we had been placed in the same group together. After being explained the rules of the game, there we were, ducking and diving, hiding and crawling around in the bushes. He was beside me the whole time helping me along. At one point we had to stop for a moment and there in the dark, on our haunches, under the stars, he gave me a kiss. Not knowing this would actually be our first kiss of many to come. I was so unsure about having a boyfriend and so the next day I decided to call things off.

Primary school was over and we had gone to seperate High schools. At about 15 years of age, a friend of Jorge came up to me after school and said that Jorge wanted to make contact with me but I was dating someone else at the time so wasn’t sure that was a good idea. I was also unaware that Jorge had also been driving past my high school in the afternoons hoping to see me. Unfortunately I had to use the school bus to get home so I was no where to be seen.

At 20 years of age it was 2008 and I was a third year university student. I had only recently gotten Facebook as a family member had said that Facebook would be a great way to get connected with friends and family and being single you never know who you might find. One April evening of that year I received a friend request and to my surprise it was Jorge. Having a Mercedes Benz as a profile picture I couldn’t even see what he looked like. All surprised I accepted and he started chatting to me almost instantly. Having an unusual way of spelling my name he couldn’t find me on Facebook and only found me through someone else we were mutual friends with. We exchanged numbers and continued our chats from there. He invited me for dinner and we hit it off. He was still the tall, dark featured boy I remembered and after so many years, handsome as well. We kept in contact and as he puts it I played hard to get for about three months. One July evening driving around Silverstar Casino trying to find parking I looked at him and said “Yes, I will be your girlfriend”. I will never forget how happy he was that evening.

The day of our 9 year anniversary, in our home we had renovated and bought together 5 years prior, I was busy getting ready and heard Jorge arriving home from work. I thought it strange as he stood at the end of the passage with his hands behind his back not even coming towards me to greet. As I walked towards him I noticed a piece of cellophane sticking out from behind his back and thought to myself how lucky I was to be getting flowers as I don’t often get flowers only on special occasions. Standing in front of him he pulled me in and gave me a big hug saying how special I am to him and how important I am in his life. As we moved away from each other he knelt down on one knee and in his hand was a bunch of white roses with a black box placed neatly in the centre with a ring! He then asked me to marry him. Being so many years together it was the last thing I expected and was in so much shock, I even asked if he was serious. All emotional and crying we hugged each other and eventually I realised I still needed to say yes. As I moved away from him I replied with a definite YES! We celebrated that evening at a restaurant close to home with a bottle of wine and pizza.

On the 26 July 2018 we will be together for 10 years and married for 1 month and 10 days. Jorge means the world to me and I couldn’t imagine anyone else by my side. He is my best friend and my everything. We are very much alike and compliment each other in so many ways. Our road together as a couple hasn’t been easy, with many potholes along the way, but we have grown together and have learned from each other as well as our families.

Our wedding day was unforgettable. We were blessed with good weather, a stunning ceremony and reception with fantastic family and friends to share the special day with. The perfect start to our married life together. We hope to continue to grow together and build each other as well as start our own family which we know will enrich our lives even more.

I married my best friend. He is the one I laugh with, live for, dream with and will love forever and always♡ – Shandel

We started the morning with Jorge and his brother Leo whom was his best man! We then spent the rest of the morning with the lovely ladies, Shandel looking absolutely lovely in her dress! Shandel’s father visited from the UK and it was a very special moment when he saw her for the first time! The ceremony was held in the Krugersdorp Catholic Church, what an amazing building. The wedding car was Jorge’s grandfather’s car and he is also a collector himself! For the couple session we where spoilt for choice in terms of location and had the most amazing sunset! The rest of the evening was enjoyed with friends and family and the festivities went on until late!

I want to thank you guys for choosing me to capture your very special day! May you be blessed every step of your journey together!



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