Black Horse Brewery – Marius +Clare Wedding

Feb 16, 2019

VENUE – Black Horse Brewery | WEDDING DRESS – Olivelli | MAKUEP- Donnagh Bergman

Marius & Clare tied the knot at the magnificent Black Horse Brewery in Magaliesberg. Below is a little bit more about this amazing couple in their own words.

We met for the first time at a business meeting where my best friend and I presented a new logo design to Marius and his father, Louis, who were business partners in a beautiful boutique hotel. My best friend laughed because she said I would not stop telling her how good looking he was after the meeting. Our paths crossed again a couple of weeks later when we both started working at the same company together. It was love at first sight…

After being engaged for about a year, Marius and I had a short four year break. The timing was just not perfect and we both had to grow a bit before taking that final step. We both never stopped loving each other during our separation and it was so perfect how our paths came together again with a love that is truly unbreakable. I have never seen or experienced the loyalty, love and respect that we both share in our relationship!

The most special thing about our wedding day for me was that we got to share a full weekend of celebrations with friends and family, from the festive party the night before the big day to the breakfast the day after the wedding. This weekend event allowed everyone to meet each other and get to know each other before the wedding. New and lasting friendship bonds were made between our friends and our parent’s friends from across the country and the world… This made the day very special. The weather and the setting was ideal. Black Horse Brewery is just spectacular, with a focus on every single little detail. We partied the first night and I remember falling asleep laughing out loud at the guests having a fun party in the guest house while I was trying to catch some beauty sleep the night before. I was on cloud nine and I just never came off of that cloud until the honeymoon was over.

The next day was perfect. I was so lucky to have one of my close friends, Kim, as our wedding planner. She used all her connections from when she used be a full time wedding coordinator and we ended up saving so much on décor, candles and flowers by going straight through the suppliers. I didn’t even look at the venue décor, I just stayed in the bridal suite the whole day with my best friends, laughing and having a good time. I was completely blown away when I saw everything for the first time, especially the magnificent flower arrangements! I took some great advice and literally took in every second to try make every moment last forever. It was just perfect and every second was special.

A highlight for me is that my father in law did the service and married us with the marriage officer making sure all legal compliance was achieved. This made the ceremony so personal and it was beyond special. Francois (Marius’ cousin) and Chloe have the most incredible voices. They sang Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s version of “The Prayer” which gave us all goosebumps. Marius and I certainly had good luck on our wedding day as the moment we were all in the beautiful stone chapel, it started to rain. As soon as the service was over, the rain subsided and it left us with the perfect afternoon and evening, with the most incredible light.

Marius and I really wanted to limit the photo session to 10 minutes and be a part of the pre reception beer garden with our favourite singers, Johan and Chloe. We actually ended up having the best time gallivanting around together on the photo shoot. One of my photographer friends gave me the advice to take in every moment on the photo shoot because it’s the only time you actually get to spend alone with just you and your husband on the day. This was the best advice as we shared some unforgettable moments together. I called it our “marriage team builder” as he had to carry me over a few muddy patches to get to some perfect photo spots. Trompie (our photographer) was really incredible at finding the perfect spots.

Oh and of course… Our dance was choreographed for us and we couldn’t fault a move, which made it the most perfect first dance followed by the funky father daughter dance to “Daddy Cool”. That was quite a funny story too. My dad arrived at my room the morning of the wedding with his laptop showing me the YouTube dance moves we had to learn for daddy cool. We did a short practice and then winged it on the night. It was such fun… even my sisters jumped up and joined in!

The food, the decor, the venue and the service was just incredible. The self serve soft serve ice cream bar was also a huge hit for dessert on the dance floor.

This wedding was a dream come true and so much more than what I expected!

I want to thank you for allowing me to capture your very special day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness, may you be blessed every step of the way!



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