Black Horse Brewery – Francois + Tiffany Wedding

Sep 29, 2018

VENUE – Black Horse Brewery | FLOWERS – Sonja’s Flowers | WEDDING DRESS – Maggie Sottero | GROOM SUIT – Fabiani | MARRIAGE OFFICIANT – Kobus Coetzee | WEDDING CAKE – Sweet Joy | VIDEOGRAPHER – Duck Soup Productions | WEDDING RINGS – Browns | VIOLINISTS – George Vorster & David Seekola

Francois & Tiffany tied the knot at the magnificent Black Horse Brewery in Magaliesburg, one of my most favorite venues! Below is a little bit more about this amazing couple!

Francois and Tiffany went to the same school but never made actual contact because Francois is a year or four older than Tiffany. It is only some 15 years later that they saw each other again at a 30th birthday party. It was August 2015 when Tiffany’s best friend was organizing a 30th birthday party for her brother who was Francois’ best friend. The two made contact, Francois asked Tiffany for a dance and was initially rejected. A little later that evening Tiffany finally surrendered, Francois’ persistence was triumphant. They danced to Afrikaans music and although Tiffany prefers club music, Francois knew this was the start of an exciting adventure.

Francois asked Tiffany out on a coffee date with him a few days later, they started dating, and in December 2017 Francois took Tiffany to Cape Town to “celebrate her birthday”. They arrived in Cape Town on Tiffany’s birthday. Francois HAD to ask Tiffany on the same day. Francois had a plan to ask Tiffany on the beach so they went “sightseeing” to  find a beach that was worthy of this big occasion. Tiffany was under the impression we were sightseeing. Finding a nice beach to ask the big question proved to be impossible, Cape Town was being its windy self. It was until around 4PM that Francois sent a message to a colleague of his who lives in Cape Town to hear if he knew about a nice quiet and beautiful beach that would be best for this special occasion. He replied in big letters: LLANDUDNO BEACH. Francois Googled it and knew they had to get there before sunset, and get there fast! Francois rushed into the nearest bottle store to purchase a high quality Champagne. When asked by Tiffany why the expensive Champagne? Francois replied: “It’s not every day we get to celebrate your birthday on a beach in Cape Town and watch the sun set.” Tiffany later admitted it was very easy to believe this because it is so in Francois’ nature to come up with spur-of-the-moment romantic ideas.

They parked and Llandudno Beach and Francois who had his GoPro Backpack on his back was almost dragging Tiffany down the stairs to get to the beach. “Come come, come quick! The sun is about to set!” he yelled. They arrived at the most beautiful beach and witnessed the start of the perfect sunset. There were only two surfers and a couple on the beach when they got there. Without wasting any time Francois gathered the couple who were walking nearby to come closer and “take a picture”  for them. When the man agreed to manage the GoPro his wife was tasked to do the same with Tiffany’s iPhone. Francois told everyone it was Tiffany’s birthday, everyone was smiling and happy, he then laid down the backpack that contained the bottle of champagne, two champagne flutes and a serviette he had brought along from the hotel.. Francois handed Tiffany the two champagne flutes and went back into the backpack, retrieved the bottle of champagne then stuck his hand back into the backpack, Tiffany went silent and realized at this moment, something was up! Francois took out the ring, went down one knee and asked the question. Tiffany said YES!

The wedding was perfect, Francois & Tiffany would not have done anything differently. No wedding is perfect but for us, EVERYTHING went according to plan, we really did not expect it. Every person or business we dealt with exceeded our expectations, we cannot be more grateful for this. The rest of the wedding consisted of our SPECIAL friends and CLOSE family, an AWESOME party, some DELICIOUS food, it was simply PERFECT.

Our plan for the future is continue our exciting adventure in a home of our own and spend maximum time with the special people in our lives that are here now and those who are still on their way!

I want to thank you guys for allowing me to capture your very special day. We had such a great time creating memories with you guys and I wish you all of God’s grace for your future together!



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