African Vineyard – Kanoneiland – Eswhin + Laetitia Vow Renewal

Jul 1, 2017

VENUE – African Vineyard | WEDDING DRESS – Provonias | MAKUEP- Blush Makeup | MARRIAGE OFFICIANT – Irene Da Gama

Eswhin & Laetitia celebrated their 10-year vow renewal at the magnificent African Vineyard on Kanoneiland in the Kalahari with family and friends! I have been fortunate to call this family my friends for the last few years, especially Laetitia, a fellow photographer and in my opinion one of the top wedding photographers in the Northern Cape! So it was an honor when Laetitia booked me to photograph their very special day! I have also never been that far west and I just love exploring new places in our lovely country. We actually had enough time the day before the wedding to go and visit the Augrabies Falls! The Saturday morning we started off with Eswhin and his two sons part of his entourage, getting some amazing images in the harsh Kalahari as backdrop. Then followed the prep of Laetitia and her lovely daughter, Laetitia looking all sorts of gorgeous in her Provonias dress! The ceremony was held underneath some trees on the property in the middle of two rivers. As these two beautiful people renewed their vows the love between them were tangible, a love that has grown stronger and deeper with every year spent together. For the couple portrait session I managed to find a perfect spot so we could catch the beautiful Kalahari sunset setting fire to the grass in it’s path for some truly amazing images! The night ended off with a great night portrait session and with the sound of Al Petersen from the TV show “The Voice”, concluding a perfect day! Thank you for making me apart of your very special day. You guys are rolemodels to many and I wish you guys another 60 years of marriage and happiness!



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